What Realm Am I From Class


What Realm Am I From Class?


When I’m not here in human form

Where do I go

Where do I hang out

How does that influence what I look like and how I act

How does that influence my mission (personal or global)

How does that influence how I interact with others


Would you like to know more about yourself?

Why do I not fit in

Why am I so good at technical stuff

Why do I love the Victorian Era 

Why am I drawn to Egyptian, Greek or Myan studies

Why do I have a love / hate relationship with food

Why am I prone to an addictive personality


Journey to my Realm - a follow-on to the What Realm am I from class (a prerequisite for this journey)

Based on your realm we will do a shamanic journey (led by Tanya Christensen) to go to that realm to heal fears or explore. 


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Readings / Psychic Fairs / Classes


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