Tar Water - This water is created with the intent to remove and keep away negative energies as well as sprit/ghost energy.   This lasts longer than smudging, I like to use the two together.  I smudge first then tar each room making sure the tar water gets on something in each room (example - spray the curtain, the blinds, the back of the couch etc..).  Do this while demanding that all negative energy leave, it has now power here


Body and Room Sprays - This water is created for specific reasons.  The Wake Up Spray is for those moments / mornings when you are having trouble waking up or driving late (for example), the Pet Calm Spray is for your animals when they are anxious or unsettled in any way.


Protection / Banishing / Grounding Oil - Using this oil daily on the bottom of your feet with grounding techniques will help keep you protected physically and spiritually.  You can also use this oil on crystals, doorways or anywhere you want extra protection


Herbal Protection Blend - This is a blend of 20 herbs meant for the perimeter of your home to seal it in once you've cleansed the property.


Bath Salts - I have salts specifically to remove attachments and negativity to spa based scents (uplifting, calming etc..)  I can customize anything you need whether paranormal or personal.


Soaps - I Am Lovable Soap, Money Soap, Psychic with Animal Communication Soap and any other custom soap you may need based on your intention.


Customized Care Kits - I can put together a customized kit of oils, herbs, minerals and crystals based on your unique situation, path, intention, manifestation and/or healing.

For prices see Pricing Page and How to Use for help in using my products

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