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Elemental Reiki and Realm Reader Certified

I have researched everything I can get my hands on to understand all the belief system that are out there to obtain a better understanding of people and where they come from in their spiritual journey.  Understanding everyone individually is the only way to truly have acceptance no matter where you come from and what your beliefs are.  When I look at people I see your soul, not your physical make up, therefore, I don't make judgment based on your heritage but on your intent and motives in this world. 


To better help people I have become an ordained minister and I do have a black belt in the world of martial arts.  I have been given gifts of sight, hearing , feeling and knowing and I do not take this lightly.  I believe those of us who are blessed with these gifts have a great responsibility to help each other.


I specialize in protection and protection techniques, cleansing, banishing and healing you and your location.  I work with those who's abilities are just opening up to help them learn control and love working with high vibrational / gifted kids.  I do readings and energy work with Reiki.  I do refer you if I know someone else can do more for you than I can.  Healing is about getting you what you need, not about me or the person doing the healing, we are messengers and tools here for you.


~Raven Feather

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